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          希望3_02.png        HOPE is a high-tech company which integrates development manufacture, sales and service. Since 1996, HOPE stepped into the ceramic industry and first started business in developing electronics hardware and software. After years of unremitting efforts and development, HOPE has become a professional manufacturer in ceramics machinery field featured of high technology, full categories and extensive specifications. From China's first belt screen printing machine, the first screen printing machine for third firing tiles, the first silicon roller printing machine, to the first digital inkjet printing machine, HOPE successfully laid the foundation in leading the field with high quality and excellent service.

                  HOPE has been developing along with the progress of China' s ceramic industry, focusing on developing and manufacturing advanced and reliable printing and glazing machines. By obtaining experience and inspiration from helping customers solve problems on site, HOPE upgrades the machine design in a constant manner to reach high requirements of machine performance. HOPE, therefore, has been treated as an innovation model in ceramics machinery field and built close relationship with many ceramic enterprises to launch new products.

                  Besides domestic market, HOPE's products are also well-received in the international market, products exported to many foreign countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Turkey are highly acclaimed by international customers.

                  Hope relies on quality, innovation founds the future has always been HOPE's slogan. The HOPE people, adhering of this slogan, established a long term developing strategy of building up a world top brand, which laid a solid foundation of HOPE' s future development. Insisting on customer oriented business philosophy, HOPE's products are introduced to the market based on the same quality with competitive price and same price with better quality  This concept has gained widespread trust and support of customers. Today, the HOPE people, who take quality, service,  and innovation as principles of development, are facing new challenges and sparing  no efforts to create a brighter future of HOPE.

                   A bright new star "HOPE"  is emerging in the world ceramics machinery field.

          ABOUT US

          HOPE is a high-tech company which integrates 

          development manufacture, sales and service.

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          East of Keji Avenue, A Area, 5hishan  Industry Park, Foshan Gity, Guangdong Province, China


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